Sunday, December 09, 2012

Life After Peace Corps - Running

December 9, 2012

End of Daylight savings time means that when I get home from work, my running path would be in complete darkness. For a while, it deterred me from venturing to the night.  But after a several weeks, my body began to protest, I had to get out to “liberate” the energy trapped inside my body.  So one cool night, I went out for a long run.  Once I started running, I felt better.  I guess I need running in much the same way as other people occasionally need coffee or booze.  It just feels right and natural to be running again.

Certain sections of my running path edge around woodlands.  There are no street lights and I totally depend on the fickle lights coming out from few houses to guide me, and I welcome the barking of dogs, they make me feel safer.  Another problem running in the dark is the cars.  Their head lights either blind me or startle me.    I need to wear an outfit that has those fancy reflective materials to make myself more visible in the dark.  Running in the dark, sometimes does attract attention, unwanted kind of attention.  To be sure that I am safe, I have to avoid running on a same path.  By and large, I feel constricted, not having a complete enjoyment to run.   My co-worker urges me to join a gym.  So I decide to check out the gym in my neighborhood. 

As soon I entered to the facility, I was confronted by the most uncomfortable stifling air.   There were no windows, no fresh air, no trees, no flowers, no birds, just human.   I spot a good looking trainer with expensive workout clothing flirting with his trainees.   The receptionist was a young and attractive girl.  She asked me to put down my personal information.  Of course, I hesitated.  Eventually, she called her manager.  The skinny manager took me to his small office and went over the price tags of being a member.  The cheapest one: $499 annually!  I thanked him and left.    

I do not believe paying someone to get myself healthy.  Besides, I prefer fresh air than body odor.    That night, I went out running again.  I passed two churches and I asked God watch over me.  As always, when I finish my run, I am a subtly different person from the one who set out.  The cold crisp air indeed does my body good.    

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