Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Sunday Morning

Get up early in the morning on Sunday, when the rest of the world is still sleeping.  The husband and wife birds that usually greet me in the morning are yet cuddling contently inside their nest, not willing to make any move.  Outside, the foothills are completely covered with snow.  Yesterday’s snow storm has decorated my neighborhood with unadulterated whiteness.  While I am having a cup of tea, the sun begins to rise.  I watch its rays filter through tree branches; hit the ground and instantaneously, the floor illuminates, thousands of sparkling crystals appear. My God, it is beautiful!

"Good Morning!” I cannot help but greeting the earth blissfully.

My plants are waking up now.  I notice that they look their best under the morning sun.    I greet them, and they look back at me, seem to tell me they are, indeed happy.

I enjoy this moment very much, may seem boring to some people, but a morning like this is very precious to me.  I grab a jacket and head out for a walk.   As soon as I step outside, the freezing air chills me to my bones. But it does not deter me from leaving my apartment.  It is too beautiful not to go out….. just too beautiful. 

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